Client: Breighton
Work: Verbal branding, creative direction, copywriting
Year: 2021-2022

A bright spot in Philippine real estate.

Breighton is a new player in a sea of established developers, all vying for customers in a booming real estate market. We crafted the brand’s tone and message to help them stand out among the crowd. 

A lot of times in the real estate industry, companies are founded by building houses first and developing the brand later. Breighton wanted to be intentional about its identity from the get-go. 

Working with Rhyme to define its message, character, mission, and tone early on, Breighton was able to clearly articulate its brand to employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the general public. Everything from employee onboarding, PR initiatives, to construction is a smooth, confident endeavor because the messaging is defined and robust.

Scope of work

Rhyme wrote Breighton’s positioning statement, brand definitions and messaging, and tone of voice (ToV) guidelines. We also provided creative direction on logo and visual branding.

“Rhyme has been an ever reliable partner of Breighton Land. They walk with you diligently through every step of the way, ensuring quality marketing and branding output - even going the extra mile - to get you exactly what you need for the project.”
Andrew A. Marfori
Corp Com & Organizational Development Manager
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