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Verbal Identity

Your brand identity, in words.

It’s the verbal yin to your visual yang – the language counterpart (messaging and tone) to your visual identity (logo and imagery).

Whether you’re speaking through a website, a sales deck, a product launch or onboarding new employees, your verbal identity must be clear, exciting, informative and persuasive.  

Examples: Messaging / positioning / tone of voice (ToV) guidelines / unique selling points (USPs) / reasons to believe (RTBs)


Writing as a superpower.

Writing takes different forms, everything from articles, speeches, blog posts, to instructions on a box of cereal.

In every instance, you need to communicate clearly and, depending on your identity, with a measure of verve and flair.

Good copy is not just a bunch of adjectives and clever wordplay. It is deep, clearly articulated thoughts that are easy to read and good for the soul. 

Examples: Product descriptions / naming / social media content / speech writing / blogs


Moved by moving pixels.

Video is a powerful means of communication, even when the sound is off and the subtitles are on.

The trick lies in marrying a strong concept with streamlined messaging. Each word should have value; the rest is chaff. Run times must be respected. Rambling must be eliminated.

This will result in a video that holds a viewer’s attention and satiates their desire for high-value content.

Examples: Live action corporate AVPs / animated videos / how-to instructional content / product videos / employee onboarding


Show me the honey.

Whether you’re selling an idea, service, or a million dollar company, your deck needs to have razor sharp facts and stats.

The copy should be snappy and vigorous. The images, vibrant. The flow, smooth and purposeful.

Overall, your presentation should be convincing and winsome, with the right energy to keep your audience upright in their chairs.

Examples: Sales decks / product story books / investor decks / digital playbooks

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